Why you need expired domains

You must be wondering why you need an expired domain. There are so many reasons why you need an expired domain; I mean so many good, great reasons why you need an expired domain name.

Now, let’s take a look at why you need expired domains. I would show you three different things you can use expired domains for.

    1. You can use an expired domain name to building a private blog network. It is no joke that the most powerful type of link you can ever create is a private blog network. What you are doing is building a fleet of highly authoritative sites in a particular niche and then use those sites to rank any other site you want. With a private blog network, you have total control over link placement, anchor texts, contents and so much more. But you need to have expired domains in your niche that have a spam free history and link profile.

  1. Building authority sites. What most of us want is a highly authoritative site. When it comes to building a highly authoritative site or niche site, don’t use a brand new domain. What you need is an expired domain. The big problem with new domains is that you have to invest so much in building up their authority from scratch and that would need SEO. SEO takes money and time. So instead of spending lots of money and time, you can just register an expired domain that would save you lots of money and time. An expired domain name would also give you a head start in building an authority site. And do you know what, registering an expired domain cost the same as registering a brand new domain, so what’s stopping you?
  2. 301 redirects. I love this part. After you must have gotten your expired domain name, simple 301 redirect it to your main site. 301 redirecting the expired domain to your site will pass over a portion of the authority and link juice of the expired domain to your site immediately. If the expired domain still has existing traffic, which is a big bonus for you.

Don’t get too happy yet; this method comes with a warning. However, you can get away with doing 1 or 2 of 301 redirects to your main site for a quick shortcut.

So you see, expired domains have a lot of benefits for you.

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